On the Road with WiMAX and Xfinity

While Dave’s been lazing around collecting TiVo and Clear QAM scoops this week ;), I’ve been recovering from two weeks of travel and preparing for next week’s trip out to Vegas. All the travel, however, has given me time to test out some new on-the-road tech. A trip to North Carolina proved fortuitous in light … Read more

Paying for Mobile Broadband

The folks over at Unstrung got confirmation from Sprint VP Atish Gude that one of the payment options for the upcoming US WiMAX network will be day passes. (via Broadband Reports) In other words, if you don’t want to sign a contract, you can pay for a day of use just like with a Wi-Fi … Read more

Why Care about WiMAX?

There’s been a lot of WiMAX chatter the last couple of months. For example, the major announcement in May of new financial backers for a US network (Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Google, Intel and Bright House). And yesterday came the much lower-profile, but still highly-important news of the first successful round of WiMAX certifications by … Read more

What’s the Deal with WiMAX?

If you haven’t been paying attention to the WiMAX ruckus of late, it’s worth taking a moment to get up to date on a few of the highlights. In a nutshell, WiMAX is a wireless technology designed to provide faster broadband speeds for mobile devices of all kinds. Lots of folks are referring to it … Read more

CES Gadget Go Bag

  After skipping the “International CES”* last year, both Dave and I are headed back to Vegas for the consumer electronics show in 2013. And that means it’s time once again to look into the gadget go bag. For next week’s trip I’m packing up the laptop and smartphone, but also a few accessories that … Read more

4G Everywhere!

Click to enlarge. OK, so maybe the headline is misleading. While the WiMax 4G footprint continues to expand, not to be confused with LTE or T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 4G branding, it’s not quite everywhere. In fact, I’ve got it in my home (where I don’t need it) yet can’t seem to latch onto the network near … Read more

Free Wi-Fi Roaming in the Big Apple

Cablevision, Comcast, and Time Warner Cable have pooled their Wi-Fi resources to offer subscribers free access to more hotspots throughout the NYC metro area. It’s a great perk for cable subscribers in the region, and yet doesn’t take away from the appeal of mobile broadband services (specifically WiMAX) that some of these self-same cable providers … Read more

Network Hopping the New Broadband Trend?

More Wi-Fi and mobile broadband access have me considering my network usage trends more closely. At the moment, I am a regular user of public Wi-Fi hotspots, 3G on my smartphone, WiMAX with my USB stick, and, of course, fixed broadband through my cable connection at home. But with all this broadband, I find I’m … Read more