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With the introduction of Vudu Labs, owners are enjoying some new functionality this week. Riding the Internet media wave, Vudu ($300) has extended their platform ($300) to provide a variety of freely available web content… in addition to existing movie streaming/download services. Initial offerings include YouTube, Flickr, and numerous video podcasts. Like much of the Vudu experience, navigating the new content is relatively efficient – although I’d like to see something a bit more visually appealing while media is loading.

This initiative certainly adds value to a device that clocks in at a higher price point than AppleTV ($230)… and they say this is just the beginning: The “Vudu Rich Internet Application (RIA)” is being developed as an open and extensible platform to facilitate delivery of web content in a lean-back environment. Of course, we’re all still waiting for a simple method to bring Hulu’s video library to the television…

The brief non-narrated video I shot (above) begins with a quick run-through of Vudu’s existing film library and interface, followed by some time in the new Labs area.

A periodic roundup of relevant news… from our friends at Last100:

Hands-on: G1’s Android web browser rocks
where Android really rocks is the bundled web browser. It’s fast, renders the full web flawlessly (aside from the lack of Flash support), and does a fantastic job of re-flowing text when you zoom in on a specific part of a web page, therefore eliminating the need for horizontal scrolling despite browsing on such a small screen.

Netgear extender to deliver YouTube HD
The EVA 9000 Digital Entertainer Elite is aimed at “the tech-savvy, early adopter, not your average Roku user”, and, along with YouTube support, can download BitTorrent files, access additional Internet-based content, as well as stream video from any PC connected to the same local network.

Every NFL game streamed online, on-demand and ad-free
No longer content with leaving money on the table, the National Football League launched a new on-demand Internet TV service called Game Rewind that enables fans to “watch every NFL game in HD quality, with no commercials”

BBC iPlayer on more mobile handsets
It’s getting hard to keep up, with the BBC rolling out new versions of its UK-only seven day Internet TV catch-up service on what feels like an almost monthly basis. This time iPlayer support has been added to Nokia N85, Samsung Omnia, Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 and C905.

It’s been well over a year since DivX and Joost discussed the possibility of bringing Joost content to the television. And suddenly, with no fanfare at all, a DivX Connected plug-in has appeared.

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Video of the Blockbuster STB

Dave Zatz —  December 10, 2008 — 5 Comments

While I’m not (currently) fond of the new 2Wire MediaPoint Blockbuster experience due to a variety issues, I did intend to shoot a brief video before banishing it to the closet. However, has launched and spared me the trouble – as you can see above. My unit is now resting peacefully, awaiting a firmware update.

A periodic roundup of relevant news… from our friends at Last100:

Livestation demos live Internet TV on iPhone and iPod touch
Livestation is currently in talks with Apple to bring a version of its international news video application to the iPhone and iPod Touch, likely to be supported over WiFi only.

Nokia announces Internet radio and music streamer
Dubbed the Nokia Home Music, the device connects to the net via WiFi or Ethernet to stream music from Internet radio stations and access podcasts, and can also stream music from a PC, mobile phone or alternatively any UPnP device on your home network.

BBC iPlayer lands on PlayStation 3
Now that the PlayStation 3’s web browser supports full screen Flash video, I knew it wouldn’t be long before we’d see the BBC finally roll out a PS3 version of iPlayer. Available in Beta, as of today PS3 owners can now access the Beeb’s seven day TV catchup service (UK-only).

Sony’s eBook reader – the numbers are in
Claiming to have exceeded the company’s own forecasts, Sony says it sold 300,000 units of its Sony Reader device since its October 2006 launch.

Amazon MP3 arrives in the UK
With little or no fanfare, Amazon’s MP3 store has arrived in the UK. And in keeping with the credit crunch spirit of late, there are some real bargains on offer.