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Com Hem TiVo In The Wild

Dave Zatz —  August 18, 2013 — 6 Comments


Unlike the secrecy surrounding a typical American TiVo beta, Swedish cable provider Com Hem has just launched a 4 week initiative that is equal parts field trial and marketing campaign to simultaneously work out the kinks as they build buzz ahead of a fall launch. And, now that the 20 golden ticket winners have received their brand-spanking-new IPTV TiVo (Samsung) hardware, they’ve begun sharing their initial experiences – along with numerous, high res unboxing and setup photos. (via TiVo Insights)


Charter continues to spin down their TiVo Premiere leasing program with a request that all remaining units be returned:

On September 10, 2013, TiVo Premiere service from Charter will no longer be available. To avoid interruption in your service, please visit a Charter Store before September 10, 2013 to exchange your current TiVo equipment and remote for Charter DVR® equipment.

Of course, this is specific to Charter-issued hardware versus agnostic TiVo retail DVRs – that will continue to function as expected. And this isn’t doesn’t necessarily foreshadow the end of the road for the two companies, as they’ve been exploring options for a next generation platform… Perhaps intending to channel the TiVo experience via cloud-based ActiveVideo or Pace XG1 hardware, as now deployed on GCI?


While I’ve been quite satisfied with my TiVo Mini as a DVR extender, it shipped crippled in terms of third-party streaming apps. And, after 6 months with no movement, I picked up another Roku today. Perhaps ironically, Sam Biller just discovered TiVo has (accidentally?) published Netflix and Amazon Instant icons to our Minis. Netflix appears to be fully functional, although possibly crashy dependent on output resolution, and feels significantly faster than my Premiere XL4/Elite — although just about every other app platform is. Unfortunately, Amazon is met with a V301 error which suggests the backend isn’t active for us non-beta testers and it’s not yet known if we’ll be treated to an entirely new Amazon implementation (to include Prime streaming). But both apps are clearly on their way and this lines up with news of a scheduled September TiVo Mini update to include dynamic tuner allocation.

Stream iPhone Video To Roku

Dave Zatz —  August 8, 2013 — 4 Comments


By way of The Verge, we’ve learned Roku’s iPhone app has been updated to wirelessly stream video from smartphone-to-TV and Android support is “coming soon.” This joins previously released music and photo beaming, and “Play on Roku” is quite the handy feature. In fact, we’re hopeful the long in the tooth TiVo Desktop will be replaced by similar touchscreen flicking to move personal media to the television.


Let’s face it, most social apps and interaction on television platforms are tedious silos… including TiVo’s very own Twitter app that launched on Virgin Media in 2011. However, TiVo CEO Tom Rogers has communicated that family and friends will “soon” be able to share viewing recommendations. And we wonder if, instead of managing this through a television UI, it’d be handled via the so-called “second screen.” A number of clues indicate that may be the case… Beyond TiVo’s upcoming TV Everywhere portal, a commissioned redesign concept by Haraldur Thorleifsson and hosted on Dribbble includes a Friends tab indicating “TiVo is social. See what your friends are watching.” Of course, this text is most likely a placeholder. Yet, likely indicative of what TiVo’s been percolating. Indeed, TiVo Director Evan Young conveyed at the 2nd Screen CES Summit that the company has been researching things like user profiles, yet is taking a thoughtful approach – intending to add value in a non-creepy manner.