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Davis Freeberg believes recent developments in the TiVo/Echostar patent infringement suit may indicate an imminent settlement. -DZ

In the latest twist for the blogosphere’s favorite patent telenovela, the Federal Appeals court overseeing the current stage of TiVo’s patent case against Dish, has put EchoStar’s patent appeal on pause for the next 14 days, pending the settlement of the case. According to the Pacer court of appeals website, the following entry was recorded last night.

10/30/2006: ORDERED: Briefing schedule stayed. EchoStar to notify this court within 14 days of date of disposition of final postjudgment motion in dist ct. By: Motions Panel. Judge: Gajarsa
SERVICE: by Mail on 10/30/2006

In addition to this order item, there was also the following action posted on the site:

ACTION: Entry 27: Motion moot

While I don’t play a legal expert on TV or even pretend to understand the subtle legalese of the Pacer website, I did contact a friend of mine who is an attorney in Texas, and he said that the order likely meant that TiVo and Echostar are very close to a settlement, but that the details haven’t been completely finalized.

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TiVo Opens Software Beta

Dave Zatz —  November 1, 2006 — 4 Comments

TiVo, Inc is expanding their pool of beta testers for the upcoming fall software release. Series2 owners can drop their service number in a hat and hope for inclusion. While this is an open call, the information about the beta cannot be discussed publicly. So, I better get the speculation and reporting out of my system before I go under the non-disclosure agreement…

First and foremost, I expect the slowdown issue seen on certain units (including mine) will be addressed. Secondly, the whispers tell me WPA is coming to the TiVo-branded wireless adapter. Last but not least, I fully expect to see better organization in the Music, Photos, & Spam area — including a dedicated TiVoCast menu. And just maybe, TiVo will surprise us with video on demand.

ZNF Contest Reminder

Dave Zatz —  October 30, 2006 — 3 Comments

Tomorrow is the last day get your entry in… one Teflon apron and four TiVo coasters are looking for a home. Contest recap: To enter you must email me ( and your subject heading must say CHEF TIVO. Second, tell me either why you deserve or why you want the prize OR offer up a trade of something cool.

One of the pranks I used to play in college was to dial the phone number of one of my friends, who typically was having relationship problems, and as soon as their phone would start ringing, I would immediately put them on conference call and dial their recent ex and then sit back and watch as both people thought that the other person was calling them. In retrospect it probably wasn’t a very nice thing to do, but the results were always unpredictable and hilarious.

Sometimes they’d just start fighting, other times they would actually make up, but most times there would be a certain awkwardness as both parties thought the other had called, but couldn’t figure out why. While it may not have been the nicest practical joke, today Forbes magazine played a similar version of this gag when they invited some of the top technology firms to interact with Hollywood fat cats at their MEET (Media Electronic Entertainment Technology) 2006 conference.

The list of technology experts was a literal who’s who of the geek world. TiVo, Sling, Netflix, Apple, Google, YouTube, you name it, the list went on and on. While many of these technology companies came to court Hollywood into embracing them as business partners, they faced a tough crowd and a hard sell for an industry that hasn’t been forced to make significant changes in the last 30 years. In a nice overview of the conference, Paul Bonds with The Hollywood Reporter, gives a great run down on some of the more memorable recaps.

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ZNF, It’s All Fun & Games…

Dave Zatz —  October 27, 2006 — 2 Comments

First thing’s first… Way back in March, I spontaneously ran a contest to guess the release date and price of the Series3. Aaron, an internal medicine hospitalist from Richmond, VA was the big winner with a 9/15 @ $849 prediction. I offered him a choice of a TiVo-branded wireless adapter or gift certificate from Amazon — he opted for the credit. Nicely done, Aaron!

Next up… Apparently those hosting a TiVo House Party will receive an orange TiVo-ed Teflon apron for their efforts. So this ZNF contest winner gets mine, along with four spiffy TiVo coasters as shown above. But randomly picking a winner bores me, so we’re going to try something different this time.

The rules: To enter you must email me ( and your subject heading must say CHEF TIVO just like that — I have a nice filter set up to collate the entries. Second, tell me either why you deserve or why you want the prize OR offer up a trade (One Red Paperclip-style) of something cool (value of cool object doesn’t matter, unless it really is a house — then you automatically win). Third, you and I will both be comfortable publishing the results of this contest (nude photos of your wife are probably out). Fourth, you have until the end of October 2006 to get your entry in, so you have a few days to think about how you’ll respond.