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Never enough time…

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sling-mobile.jpgBlake Krikorian, Sling Media co-founder and CEO, was interviewed by The Guardian. It’s a good read in which he discusses where Sling is, where they intend to go, and the market in general. Of particular interest is confirmation that the Mac SlingPlayer beta is underway and that at least one other OS will be supported this year. Based on posted job openings, his comment could refer to Symbian and/or Palm (J2ME) smart phones… though I’ve heard several requests for a desktop Linux player and the Zune does include WiFi.

Some interesting bits:

“Right now we support Windows and we’re releasing the beta of the Mac client this week for the Slingplayer worldwide. We’ve also released the Windows Mobile Smartphone and Windows Mobile Pocket PC phone. Before the end of the year, we’ll support additional platforms – there’ll be at least two more OSs, so that means a whole bunch more operating devices.”

“We’ve had a lot of requests for a mini-Sling receiver that could just plug into the other TV sets in the house so we could sling programming from the main set to another set. That could be a logical extension of our product line.”

UPDATE: I just got a call from Sling VP Jeremy Toeman, who tells me Blake was misquoted by The Guardian. Jeremy says the private Mac beta is progressing nicely, but we’re still about a month away from the public beta. We’ve made it this far, what’s another few weeks?

UPDATE 2: Blake would like to pass along a message…

Hey Charles/Kate/readers,

I am sorry for any confusion I may have caused. Kate from the Guardian was using a tape recorder during the interview, so obviously I must have said what Kate reported in the Q&A. I could put the blame on a late night in Amsterdam (where the interview took place), but no excuses…

Here’s the situation to fully clarify:

  • We are currently in the midst of a worldwide private beta for SlingPlayer for Mac.
  • We have not yet released a public beta.
  • We are pushing like mad to get this puppy out at the quality standards we have set for all Sling products.
  • For what it’s worth, I am personally banging away on it 24/7 and am solely using Macs for my everyday computing at this point because of it.

Hope this helps clarify things and once again I am very sorry for the confusion this has created in the community.


New Slingbox Uncovered

Dave Zatz —  September 14, 2006 — 4 Comments

new-sling1.jpgTG Daily, by way of the FCC, has discovered there’s a new Slingbox in the works. They report the major difference between the old box and new is the addition of AV support. While the connectors are different, the current Slingbox does indeed support composite signals via unique (included) 3-1 cables. The new unit appears to sport a refreshed design: smaller and sleeker without that cheesy writing on top. Sadly, the manual doesn’t seem to indicate support for WiFi. No word on availability or pricing…

Never enough time…

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It’s not cheap, but if you need pro football action outside of America (and don’t have a Slingbox stationed in the US), the NFL and Yahoo have you covered. $249 gets you live coverage of every game via the web. Even better? Works on Macs too.

Yahoo says: The National Football League and Yahoo!, Inc (Nasdaq:YHOO) today announced an agreement that will enable football fans around the world to watch live NFL games on the Internet. NFL Game Pass, powered by Yahoo! Sports, will allow football fans outside of North America to watch nearly every NFL game live and in its entirety on beginning this Sunday. The agreement marks the first time the NFL has made a full season of games available to fans via the Web. The new online subscription service will charge fans a fee of $24.99 per week or $249.99 for the entire 17-week NFL regular season, and each game will also be available in archived format up to 24 hours after its conclusion. “We are pleased to offer NFL fans around the world an innovative way to watch NFL games. The NFL is committed to taking advantage of new technologies to bring more value to our fans everywhere and Yahoo!’s proven leadership in technology makes them an ideal partner for a product like ‘Game Pass’,” said Brian Rolapp, the NFL’s vice president of media strategy.