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I like giving things away – it makes me feel good. Most recently David B won the Netgear Skype Phone, Brent E won the DLO Nano Shell, and Chris won the first set of TiVo Antennae. Last week I met up with TiVoShanan and was given another headband to distribute. So leave a comment, and I’ll pick a random winner tomorrow before I head out on vacation.

feed-icon.pngFor those of you reading numerous sites, I sure hope you’re using RSS (“really simple syndication”) and some sort of aggregator. It’s really the most efficient way to stay up to date on the web. RSS is not just limited to blogs, and is utilized by all sorts of sites such as CNN and Flickr. The big news rumor this week is that Google is buying FeedBurner, a RSS-enhancement and advertising service.

As to the topic on hand, here’s a breakdown of ZNF RSS readership:

  • Google Reader – 38%
  • Bloglines – 18%
  • NewsGator – 11%
  • NetNewsWire – 4%
  • Google Desktop – 3%

Given my recent and not atypical migration in January to Google Reader from Bloglines (without cancellation), it’s likely those percentages are skewed.

vzw.jpgLast week I journeyed into town and lunched with Verizon’s PolicyBlog founder and editor, John Czwartacki. We engaged in some interesting industry and blogosphere discussion. I was also reminded that I don’t miss the old-school DC dress code.

Strangely, the PR group was sending out a release of top ten VCast Bee Gees downloads timed with Barry Gibbs guest mentoring of American Idol’s final four. Given my perceived demographics of the typical music-downloading customer (younger) versus a typical Bee Gees fan (older), I wonder how many actual downloads that list represents. And given how poorly the AI singers did with the songs (not to mention: disco is dead), I don’t imagine that number growing significantly.

TiVo Antennae Giveaway

Dave Zatz —  May 8, 2007 — 31 Comments


I don’t know if my TiVo really gets me (I’m so misunderstood), but if your TiVo does and you’d like to frighten your spouse or children with a pair of funky antennae just leave a comment. I’ll randomly pick a winner tomorrow.

On Site at NAB Vegas

Dave Zatz —  April 15, 2007 — 2 Comments


Do I have a great job or what? Last month I hit CTIA in Orlando, and now here I am at NAB. Blake (aka Sling founder/CEO) is giving the portable media keynote tomorrow and I’ll be manning our booth at Piero’s in the evening. So if you’re in Vegas… drop on by, say hello, maybe see some unreleased software.

I bumped into fellow ZNF blogger Rakesh (aka SnapStream CEO) in the airport cab line. He has a booth (upper South Hall, 13310) and is breaking some new ground with their software offerings.

The Lost Remote gang is also on site, hosting a panel and get together Tuesday afternoon (which conflicts with my flight out to CA).

And while I’m not staying at the Wynn, I do have a nice view (above) from my hotel room.