Guitar Hero III

Dave Zatz —  June 5, 2007 — Leave a comment


Some details are emerging on Guitar Hero III… First and foremost, is confirmation of a wireless (Les Paul) guitar. Nice! I have no idea what kind of battery life something like this would have, but I hate clutter and look forward to seeing the cord cut.

Next up, we have a YouTube video of what may be the updated GH III HUD.

Considering GH II was just released (on Xbox) two months ago, I doubt we’ll be able to pick up v3 any time soon. Which is OK… After watching this 8 year old, I’ve pretty much given up.


Sony has released a new Blu-ray player (BDP-S300) for $499 – which makes it less than the Blu-ray equipped PS3, but still nearly twice as much as the entry level HD-DVD player. Have I mentioned lately how tired I am of boxes? I’m still waiting for a good deal (other than Sam’s) on the Xbox HD-DVD accessory. Until then, I’m fine carrying on with HD Xbox rentals and cable plus upscaled DVDs.

atv-tivo.jpgUSA Today is out with a movie-ordering comparison of Apple TV versus Amazon Unbox on TiVo. Buried in the article is an interesting nugget:

Amazon and TiVo are expected today to announce direct sales that bypass the PC altogether.

Movies can currently be ordered via Amazon’s website on computer. (Unofficially: Unbox OnDemand) This method generally works out fine given movies can ‘t be watched until the download completes, but it makes sense to provide ordering directly on the TiVo unit – for both service and as a means of advertising the feature. The challenge isn’t really the technology of building the Java HME widget, the challenge is creating a well organized and friendly TV interface for Amazon’s large collection of content. We shall see…

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iTunes Plus… Email

Dave Zatz —  June 4, 2007 — 5 Comments


As promised, iTunes and EMI (partially) delivered on their promise of releasing DRM-free music. However, the initial batch of tracks doesn’t include anything in my collection.

The bigger news with the new service seems to be iTunes Plus embedding personally identifiable info, such as name and email, into every file. I don’t have a problem with tagging tracks as a means to limit piracy, though Apple would be taking less heat by being  more forthcoming. Like most folks I blew right past the Plus fine print, so I’m not sure what I agreed to. This is all I was able to dredge up from their Terms of Use:

(xii) iTunes Plus Products do not contain security technology that limits y our usage of such Products, and Usage Rules (iii) – (vi) do not apply to iTunes Plus Products. You may copy, store and burn iTunes Plus Products as reasonably necessary for personal, noncommercial use.

Apple IPTV?

Dave Zatz —  June 2, 2007 — 5 Comments

Normally, I’d immediately dismiss this as crazy talk… But coming from Peter Rojas of Engadget, we have to consider the possibility:

A well-connected source tells us that AT&T and Apple are working on adding IPTV capabilities to the Apple TV beginning sometime next year.

Even with Apple’s recent hard drive upgrade, the A-TV won’t become a DVR on it’s own… There’s no hidden tuner and no video input. Assuming Apple wants to go down this path (and I’m not convinced that they do), they’d need to either add a USB accessory of some sort or receive video broadcast via the Internet. So if this AT&T rumor has some truth behind it, what does it do to the chances of the Xbox 360 as an AT&T IPTV client?