I recently rambled on that the StreamCast Player was the most elegant flash player I’d ever seen. The guy behind this fluid browser based video player, Micro Pasqualini, hinted to me he had a “top secret” project in the works called WiTV. Yesterday I chatted with Pasqualini, who shed a bit of light on WiTV… I have to say I am very intrigued by the talk of a browser based Joost with Apple TV compatibility.

WiTV consists of:


  • CrossCast System – The platform/technology behind the delivery of the video content.
  • WiTV – The program guide, video player and user interface. Presumably this is the name that WiTV will be known under. It has taken many of the slick properties of the StreamCast Player.
  • Nomad Cast – The workflow for the video producer. Continue Reading…

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Stories Dave missed while he was away…

Dave Does NYC (Phones)

Dave Zatz —  June 22, 2007 — 1 Comment


I spent the majority of the week in NYC meeting with a variety of good people. (That’s Kevin Tofel, Mari, Brad Linder, Dan Dorato, and I above.) On my journey, I came across several new and upcoming phones. Here’s my 60 second review:

HTC Touch
Nice form factor, though I’m still not sold on the idea of a phone without physical buttons. The fingertip touch-sensitive shell HTC has overlayed on Windows Mobile is attractive and efficient for basic tasks like calling contacts, but once you drill down to things like composing email you’re back to using the stylus.

Also forgoing physical keypad, the touchscreen phone looks sharp both inside and out. Instead of a virtual QWERTY keyboard, the PRADA displays traditional phone keys and uses predictive text entry. Smart decision given portrait screen orientation and finger size. The PRADA name comes at a cost.

Blackberry Curve
Nice size and clearly delineated keys, unlike the 8800. This particular model didn’t show the sluggishness I experienced with another model a few weeks ago. I didn’t use the camera, though I like the idea of having one around for spontaneous moments. Too bad they couldn’t also squeeze in the 8800′s GPS.

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Surface Computing Laptop

Mari Silbey —  June 22, 2007 — 1 Comment

If you don’t think a Microsoft Surface Computing coffee table is going to fit in your living room, have no fear. The Microsoft Cambridge team is working on a prototype Surface Computing laptop. See the video scenes above of the prototype in action. These snippets are from a longer five-minute video, but I figured our ADD readers would appreciate the shorter excerpts. (courtesy of Gotuit’s Scenemaker app)

Remember, though, Microsoft isn’t the only company working on multi-touch computing. A while back we wrote about Perceptive Pixel and its infinitely cool touch-screen, Minority-Report-like demo. While reading an actual hard copy of MIT’s Technology Review magazine, I learned that Perceptive Pixel already has a defense contract in hand. Figures. Defense always gets the best toys.