iphone1.jpgObviously the iPhone review embargo was lifted last night. I imagine Apple would have liked to hold coverage until the day of or the day before launch, but I have faith their marketing department knows what they’re doing. Perhaps they wanted to leave a little time to announce the Bluetooth earpiece and dock plus surprise functionality?

Anyhow, what I’ve found most surprising is the lack of virtual keyboard bitterness. I thought for sure it would be a problem, but other than Steven Levy the reviewers didn’t seem to have any real issues with it. The other surprise was learning there’s no stereo Bluetooth — for this next generation iPod, I had just assumed that functionality would be included. No surprises regarding the missing iChat and Flash. I imagine those services are on the way, just running behind schedule. Also, no surprise that the reviewers found EDGE to be slow.


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A Question Of Power

Dave Zatz —  June 26, 2007 — 3 Comments


Surge protection is one of those things, like data backup, that you don’t deal with until you’ve been burned.

I had my first warning last year at Panera… While using their free WiFi on a work-provided Dell, the wall outlet fried my laptop. It wasn’t a total loss, but the battery/unit would no longer charge. Fortunately, my employer swapped my existing hard drive into a new computer. But I didn’t learn my “naked” power lesson.

Two weeks ago, at home, my Macbook Pro power adapter (near where it connects to the computer) started smoking and melted. Fortunately, I was working on it at the time and was able to quickly remove the adapter from both the computer and the non-protected wall outlet before starting a fire. (I’m sure my landlord thanks me.) And this finally motivated me enough to do something… Continue Reading…


iPhone week continues!

Earlier today Apple and AT&T announced service plans for the iPhone… And while they’ve said all along they wouldn’t be subsidizing hardware, they’re obviously subsidizing subscriptions. The least expensive plan runs $60/month, which includes unlimited data and 450 minutes of talk time. For comparison, I pay AT&T $80/mo (1/2 voice, 1/2 data) to power my Samsung Blackjack. Assuming one actually keeps their phone two years (I never have), the steep initial hardware fee ($500-$600) would be offset by these lower rates.

As Michael Gartenberg notes, the simplified plan offerings and iTunes activation may be unusual for the phone industry… but it’s exactly what we expect from consumer-oriented Apple.

Radio Silence

Mari Silbey —  June 26, 2007 — 2 Comments

radio-silence.jpgIt’s come to this: a day of radio silence. Pandora, AccuRadio, and my own local WXPN among many others are going silent today to protest fee increases from the Copyright Royalty Board that will effectively put them out of business if something is not done before July 15th. We’ve covered this story multiple times in the past, and the mainstream media is finally picking up its cue with coverage today in The Washington Post, The Toronto Globe and Mail, and on Reuters.

What can you do to bring back Internet radio? Call your Congressional representatives, tell your friends, give money to the cause.



The UK edition of CNET pressured Microsoft into revealing some Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive sales figures. While they didn’t get a global tally, they did learn MS hass moved 155,000 units in the US since the November launch… Which strikes me as a large number, indeed. And probably why we rarely see discounts on this accessory.

I’ve debated picking one up, though I’ve managed to resist the urge thus far. I figure, as expensive as those $6 HD Marketplace movie downloads are, the amount of interesting content won’t come close the $200 drive price tag any time soon. Besides, everyone’s telling me Blu-ray has won.

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