The Latest IP Phone

Mari Silbey —  August 18, 2007 — Leave a comment


I’m a few days behind in my news reading after a week of lounging on the beach, so I just caught Engadget’s Samsung’s IP phone post. Supposedly it shows TV on its miniature screen, allows video conferencing, plays music and offers access to online shopping. Since I love the Verizon IP phone Dave and I saw demo’ed back in July, you’d think the Samsung version would tickle my fancy. Not so much.

Both with the video and the music, you’re not getting either great quality (big screen/nice speakers) or the convenience of portability. And shopping on this phone while my PC is nearby? I can’t imagine it.

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Dave’s Traveling Tech

Dave Zatz —  August 18, 2007 — 4 Comments


Last week Mari hit the beach (with her gadgets)… and now it’s my turn. We’re going to spend a few days playing in Vegas, before I head off to California for work. So I snapped a pic of some devices I’ll be bringing along (in the best backpack ever):

First up are my Shure buds – great sound and passive noise cancellation. I never leave home without them. Next is a Nokia N73 since, as you may have heard, we’re beta testing SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian OS. Then I have a new-to-me (via ebay) Bluetooth GPS puck to replace my previous GPS unit. I’m going to experiment with Telenav ($10/mo) and Google Maps (free) before investing in Windows Mobile software. Above that is my work-provided Verizon EVDO card which will see use in my Macbook Pro. I’m giving my Blackjack a breather – my current day-to-day phone and Slinging device is the Treo 750. Last up is AblePlanet’s Clear Harmony noise canceling headset (review sample) which I hope to cover in the next few weeks. Of course I’ll also have my small Panasonic Lumix with me.

Don’t expect too much out of me while I’m gone — Like my recent trip to Copenhagen, I’m planning to limit my time on the grid until I hit CA. As soon as I figure out how to turn off push email.

Need More Power!

Dave Zatz —  August 17, 2007 — 2 Comments


Not only did a I pick up a new car this week, I managed to rearrange and move a decent amount of my home gear. Among other changes and issues, I ran out of power outlets in the bedroom. I’ve (now) got two cable boxes, a TiVo, ITVN, Slingbox AV, Buffalo wireless bridge, and of course the television. While technically I do have enough outlets, three of the devices have those fat block power adapters which end up commandeering multiple outlets. And then I was reminded of Belkin’s clever power solutions over on Gizmodo. $24 and two days later (shipping), I’m completely operational.

60GB PS3 for $349?

Dave Zatz —  August 17, 2007 — 5 Comments

bluray.pngOver on TiVo Lovers, I spotted a very attractive deal: Pick up a Sony credit card and

Get instant approval and a $150 card credit after your first Sony Card purchase of $299 or more!

While televisions are often discounted at big box stores and online retailers, you won’t find significant discounts on the $499 PS3 – especially after the recent price drop. I’m extremely happy with my Xbox 360 and doubt I’d use a PS3 for much gaming (I don’t like PS2/3 style controllers and the online offerings don’t compare). But $349 for a Blu-ray player (that happens to include a PS3 ;) ) is sooo tempting… (Not to mention I’d have 5 free mediocre movies to choose from.)


Quite a few products make their way through my door. Many I purchase and others are review units – like the Altec Lansing inMotion 500 above. I have to say that this is one of the very few devices I’m reluctant to let go of. (All review items are returned or given away.)

The iM500 (MSRP $130) is a sleek and sexy Apple Nano speaker dock. And despite the diminutive size, it sounds good! In fact, I prefer the audio (and looks) to the larger iM4 that I recently purchased for my XM Helix. The only real downer is that the iM500 doesn’t ship with a remote.

Now the hard part… I must give the iM500 model away. Leave one comment saying you want in. The catch is that you must provide a link to a previous comment you’ve left on ZNF, other than prior contests. (The comment date stamp is your permalink.) And if you’ve never left a comment, now you’ll have some incentive going forward.