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NBC Dumps iTunes (for now)

Dave Zatz —  August 31, 2007 — 15 Comments

hammer_sickle_r_y.jpgAccording to the New York Times, NBC has notified Apple they will not renew their digital download contract – covering 1,500 hours of content responsible for 40% of iTunes television downloads. Apparently NBC wants more control over “pricing and packaging matters.” However, the existing deal is good through December. So I’d say this is merely a negotiating tactic… for now.

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Digital Media Bytes

Dave Zatz —  August 30, 2007 — Leave a comment

A periodic roundup of relevant news… from our other blogs:

On the financial end, TiVo’s quarterly call yesterday was largely depressing. USA Today summarizes:

The digital video recorder pioneer said late Wednesday that it took an $11.2 million write-down in the quarter ended in July for leftover standard DVRs. [...] The 18-cents-per-share loss far exceeded the 5-cent loss expected by analysts surveyed by Thomson Financial. [...] TiVo added just 623,000 subscriptions in the last two years as the number of homes with DVRs grew 161% to 23.5 million, according to Leichtman Research Group.

Not much good news there… However, Megazone listened in and reports on the Comcast front:

one of the first things I noticed is that Comcast has agreed to fund further development of the OCAP software to bring it to additional platforms beyond the Motorola DVRs, including Scientific Atlanta DVRs. [...] TiVo on Comcast is continuing to progress well and Comcast stated: “we will commence the TiVo rollout process shortly, which will continue rolling out throughout the fall in Comcast’s New England Division including metro Boston, Southeast Massachusetts and New Hampshire.”

After all this time, I wouldn’t have used the word “well” to describe their (slooow) progress. But I’m happy to hear a specific launch time frame and locale, though they neglected to mention pricing. Comcast needs to rapidly expand beyond the New England division if TiVo is going to capitalize on this arrangement. (And they need to.) Given Comcast’s extended development bankrolling (now SciAtl boxes!), that’s exactly what they must intend. (I wonder if Cox is paying for the same thing. It’s been a year… When will they roll out TiVo software?)

Megazone also picked up on forthcoming Amazon Unbox “progressive downloads” that can be watched as they are received. An interesting tidbit, but what they really need is HD content. Which TiVo must know… CEO Tom Rogers said yesterday that HDTV growth “progressed at a pace that surprised many in the industry, including us.”

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