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Win Walter White’s Undies

Dave Zatz —  September 26, 2013 — Leave a comment


As Breaking Bad draws to a close, the Emmy award winning series that attributes its longevity to Netflix, is auctioning off over 200 props shown onscreen. Amongst the Sony Pictures memorabilia are Walt’s iconic tighty-whiteys, haz-mat suit, and Pontiac Aztek - that’s sold as is, and will require a flat bed to get home. I imagine the relatively modest opening prices will skyrocket rather quickly once the auction goes live 9/29, but I’m still holding out hope I might pick up a bucket of Pollos Hermanos.


I was absolutely delighted when Netflix (finally) hit my TiVo Mini. Yet others weren’t quite as enthusiastic… as outputting video at 1080p/24 not only brought down the Netflix app, it also rebooted the Mini. Ouch.

Fortunately, TiVo responded in short order and has deployed an OS update to both the newly released Roamio DVRs and the Mini:

Two important fixes in this release:

  • reboots related to Netflix with 1080p
  • reboots related to Pandora

In other TiVo update news… CEO Tom Rogers indicated that they company is still on track for out-of-home Roamio Plus and Pro video streaming to Apple mobile devices come October: Continue Reading…


Netflix was just enabled on about 40,000 Virgin Media TiVo boxes housed in Peterborough, Crawley, Andover, Londonderry and Swindon (UK) as a pilot – with all 1.7 million deployed units expected to receive the app later this year. Beyond enhancing the experience for Virgin/TiVo customers, this deal is also notable as the first time Netflix has been offered via a pay television provider. And TiVo CEO Tom Rogers referred to the licensing complexity yesterday from a Merrill Lynch conference:

We enabled Netflix, as I said, through our retail device but because of the peculiarity of the over-the-top studio agreements, Netflix couldn’t be offered to a cable owned set-top box and still can’t be. I personally believe that’s going to be solved [...] Virgin Media, because you have a different rights situation over there, Netflix could offer itself through a cable operator owned set-top box.

Related, RCN has stated publicly they’d like to bring Netflix to their US cable customers and were “eager to reopen the dialogue” back when Netflix’s STARZ agreement had expired… yet we haven’t heard anything more on the matter. Continue Reading…

Online TV addiction: Man, it’s hard to shake


While I’ve been quite satisfied with my TiVo Mini as a DVR extender, it shipped crippled in terms of third-party streaming apps. And, after 6 months with no movement, I picked up another Roku today. Perhaps ironically, Sam Biller just discovered TiVo has (accidentally?) published Netflix and Amazon Instant icons to our Minis. Netflix appears to be fully functional, although possibly crashy dependent on output resolution, and feels significantly faster than my Premiere XL4/Elite — although just about every other app platform is. Unfortunately, Amazon is met with a V301 error which suggests the backend isn’t active for us non-beta testers and it’s not yet known if we’ll be treated to an entirely new Amazon implementation (to include Prime streaming). But both apps are clearly on their way and this lines up with news of a scheduled September TiVo Mini update to include dynamic tuner allocation.