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Never enough time…

  • DirecTV HD TiVo getting upgraded to 6.3! (HDBeat)
  • Optical component reads Blu-ray and HD-DVD. (EETimes)
  • Court rules against “film sanitizing.” (AP)
  • Audio interview with Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Fred von Lohmann. (eHomeUpgrade)

Update: CNET on TiVo

Dave Zatz —  July 9, 2006 — 5 Comments

moto-q.jpgCNET Tech News has been available for almost two months on broadband-connected Series 2 units. I regularly watch the weekly 15-minute shows, though I find myself fast forwarding through about 50% of each installment (some of these editors are not meant for TV; I don’t care about Best Buy or Sony commercials).

In the latest episode, Bonnie Cha gives us the low-down on Motorola’s Q. I know most of you come here for hard-hitting, investigative reporting ;) so when I saw what looked to be a real phone number on my TiVo… I called it. This happens to be Bonnie’s CNET line — they’re using ShoreTel IP phone tech. While I was hoping for Molly Wood’s cell, I did leave a message thanking Bonnie for a nice review.

Both TiVo and Netflix posted interesting job openings this week…

First up is Netflix, who’s looking to hire an interface engineer. Based on the description it seems they’re interested in exploring Vista’s GUI functionality to possibly produce a front-end for on-line movie distribution. Keep in mind Vista will bundle Media Center Edition features… which currently include Xbox 360 streaming.

This research team will be investigating new ten-foot user interface models for browsing a huge catalog of movies on a on a TV. Rich interactivity will be key to collecting user tastes and preferences and helping the user find the right content easily. We will be exploring various technologies such as Windows Presentation Foundation, which means we are looking for someone able to pick up a new tools and execute quickly and effectively. (via Hacking Netflix)

And speaking of Windows, TiVo’s job opening prominently mentions Windows Media Video 9 (VC-1/WMV9) which both Blu-ray and HD-DVD support… and what a variety of current movie download services (Movielink, CinemaNow) utilize in conjunction with Microsoft DRM. MPEG-4 is also mentioned, a format many consider compressed enough for the possibility of wide-scale TiVo video downloads.

TiVo is seeking a manager for the Media Architecture team. This team is responsible for the real-time streaming functionality that drives the TiVo digital video recorder features: real-time record and playback of synchronized audio/video data.

  • This person will have knowledge in at least one of the following areas: MPEG-2 video and systems, MPEG-1 audio (including MP3), or MPEG-4 Part 10 (H.264) video
  • In addition, this person will have working experience in 3 of the following areas: VC-1, WMV9 and WMA, Dolby Digital (AC-3), network streaming audio and video, DVD playback and recording, digital right management (DRM) technologies

Never enough time… in Canada!

  • DVD versus download. (CNN Money)
  • ATI releases Avivo video converter for portables and DivX. (ATI)
  • Comcast buys digital media services company. (GigaOm)
  • Slingbox celebrates first birthday. (Sling Community)
  • Malaysia gets first DVR. (NextNews)

Never enough time… in Canada!

  • Newly manufactured 25″+ TVs must contain ATSC digital tuners starting today. (HD Beat)
  • Ready for TV pop-up advertising? (Tampa Tribune)
  • Catch the Shuttle launch in HD today. (HDNet)
  • Toshiba still wants unified DVD format. (eWeek)
  • MobiTV now available for Windows Mobile 5.0. (Engadget Mobile)