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Never enough time…

  • Dish DVRs can continue to operate during appeal of TiVo win. (Davis Freeberg)
  • DirecTV HR20 receives positive review. (CNET)
  • Does Slingbox Pro really do HD? (EngadgetHD)
  • Apple upscaling video instead of re-encoding? (Engadget)

Never enough time…

  • Yet another media streamer, Netgear’s DAVE launches with new name. (Engadget)
  • DirecTV getting HD DVR with built-in home media features this fall. (EngadgetHD)
  • TV DVD thrives despite downloads. (Video Business)
  • Coming soon to the tiny screen: video downloads. (Time)
  • Motorola acquires IPTV/VOD software infrastructure company Vertasent. (Motorola)

Sony MYLO Video Review

Dave Zatz —  September 25, 2006 — 2 Comments

PVRWire turned me on to this Sony mylo video review. It’s a cute device with a decent amount of functionality for around the house… though I am surprised at how small the screen is. Including a keyboard for non-media activities is a nice touch, but for the same money I’d rather have the larger screen and open platform of the Linux-based Nokia 770. The Nokia also supports more multimedia codecs and doesn’t rely on Sony’s proprietary Memory Stick. At the end of the day, though, I want fewer devices to lug around so will probably stick with my multi-featured 6700. (I also have a PSP collecting dust in my night stand.)

Never enough time…

  • New Slingbox(es) coming this week? (Engadget)
  • Warner patents hybrid Blu-ray/HD-DVD/DVD disc. (New Scientist)
  • Pinnacle introduces USB ATSC tuner. (DVGuru)
  • Web 2.0 TV guide MeeVee updated. (TechCrunch)

Amazon Unbox Movies… On TiVo?!

Dave Zatz —  September 22, 2006 — 4 Comments

Wow… how kick-ass would this be?! Other than the obvious movie licensing quagmire, they’d have to figure out the technology behind it. Series2 units only handle MPEG2, though the new Series3 also supports AVC. If Amazon movie downloads were to be offered on the S2, they’d have to change both the video format and DRM mechanism. Perhaps TiVo’s partnership with BrightCove (which they’re using to deliver NY Times content) provides some of the answers.

Business Week writes: Seattle-based Internet retailer Amazon, which recently launched a digital video downloading service aimed at taking on Apple’s Computer Inc.’s iTunes service, is talking with TiVo about a deal that “could be a key step toward bridging the gap between the home computer and the television set,” the New York Post reported Friday, citing two sources familiar with the discussions.