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blood.jpgToshiba’s latest firmware update, available via download or mail-order disc, for newer HD DVD players facilitates the viewing of movie-related web content and reportedly squashes the chroma bug. Blood Diamond is the first flick to to enable web access and according to High-Def Digest:

Taken as a whole, while the interface is certainly nice and slick, there really is nothing included among these web-enabled extras that couldn’t work just as well (or better) on the film’s official website. The only clear bonus is that you can access this material directly from the comfort of your couch

By the way, I really enjoyed Blood Diamond (even in SD, via Amazon Unbox on TiVo).

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A periodic roundup of non-iPhone news… from our other blogs:


The UK edition of CNET pressured Microsoft into revealing some Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive sales figures. While they didn’t get a global tally, they did learn MS hass moved 155,000 units in the US since the November launch… Which strikes me as a large number, indeed. And probably why we rarely see discounts on this accessory.

I’ve debated picking one up, though I’ve managed to resist the urge thus far. I figure, as expensive as those $6 HD Marketplace movie downloads are, the amount of interesting content won’t come close the $200 drive price tag any time soon. Besides, everyone’s telling me Blu-ray has won.

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We love our HDTV, except when it comes to explaining it. According to Hitachi Research, 66% of American consumers surveyed say they would not be comfortable trying to explain HD options such as 720p, 1080i and 1080p. But here’s the real kicker, as ZDNet points out, 72% of college-educated adults are “not comfortable”, while only 59% of those without a college education say the same. Guess that degree’s not worth what it once was, huh?

For your own HDTV brush-up course, check out the Wikipedia explanation of different HD formats. Image above is a (slightly-altered) copy of the entry’s illustration.

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