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nokia770.jpgTrue, the 700 is Nokia’s previous iteration of the Internet Tablet — But at $140, via Mobile Planet, maybe it doesn’t matter. It offers WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and, while you probably won’t get Skype compatability, it looks like many of the other new N800 software features will be available. I’m tempted…

XM Gets A Second Chance

Dave Zatz —  July 5, 2007 — 8 Comments


My level of crankiness seems directly proportional to my caffeine intake, and I’ve been cutting back… Perhaps that’s why XM is also getting a second chance this week.

One of the reasons I canceled my satellite subscription last year was due to the encroaching ’80s pop onto some of my favored niche stations (Chrome, Groove). Not that I have anything against ’80s pop (my musical tastes are both eclectic and poor), but I thought the (selling) point of satellite radio is to provide unique content not commonly found on FM… Why would they dilute these musical genres?

Well before killing my sub, in January 2006, I emailed the station programmer at Chrome and this is how it played out: Continue Reading…

As most of you know, TiVo killed the Lifetime Service option because it wasn’t exactly profitable. (Damn that reliable hardware and replaceable hard drive. ;) ) So I find it particularly interesting to see TiVo offering up a Lifetime Service transfer with an 80 hour dual tuner Series2 for $300. I suppose TiVo wants everyone on newer hardware to experience broadband services, receive ads, and to be tabulated under Stop||Watch. You have until July 23rd to think it over.

The fine print:

Qualify current TiVo DVR
Enter the TiVo Service Number of your TiVo® DVR with Product Lifetime Service ACTIVATED PRIOR to June 15, 2003.

See the pretty picture after the break…

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A while back I had a chance to talk with Vipin Jain, CEO of Retrevo. Retrevo is a vertical search engine for consumer electronics that I first saw back at DEMOfall ’06. I loved the idea, particularly because of the search engine’s ability to bring up product manuals for CE devices I bought in the 1990s. However, I wasn’t convinced that it could be terribly successful, given how well Google has cornered the search market.

In talking with Jain, however, I found out about a new category that Retrevo has tagged on to its search results in addition to the already-present “manufacturer info,” “reviews & articles,” and “forums and blogs.” The new category is “daily deals” and I found it quite handy a couple of weeks ago when buying a GPS system for my husband’s birthday gift. (His birthday is now past, so no secrets being revealed here.)

I’d done my research on which product to buy (the TomTom ONE) and I started searching for the best price. At first I thought I’d go with Amazon because I still had my Amazon Prime trial membership running and I could get free 2-day shipping. But then thankfully I remembered to check out Retrevo. A Retrevo daily deal saved me more than $70 on the total price. And there were no rebates to deal with, only a simple coupon code.

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xbox-360.jpg is selling a refurb Xbox 360
for $100 off. Their listed price is $324.99, but using the code GEEKBOX2 during checkout drops it by another 25 bucks. This is the Premium/Platinum model which includes a 20GB hard drive and headset, but no HDMI. While it’s not as sweet as the deal I got (new 360, half off), this method doesn’t require lowering your credit score.

(via Gizmodo)