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If your household is anything like mine, you might find you’re in need of his and hers TiVo remotes – one for each nightstand. Fortunately, new Roamio owners now have that option… as TiVo has launched a Roamio Remote accessory for $29.99:

  • Award-winning peanut shape in a more compact size and with new “back” button for use in apps.
  • Control power, input, volume and mute of your TV and/or audio receiver.
  • IR/RF signal removes line-of-sight requirements, ideal for in-cabinet setups.
  • Press the remote finder button on your TiVo Roamio™ Plus or Pro to have the remote play a TiVo jingle so you can easily find it.

Officially, the remote only supports Roamio hardware. However, Continue Reading…

Motorola President Home and Networks Mobility Dan Moloney CES 2010

Every industry has its own small-world feel, and the cable industry perhaps more than most. Enemies and friends disappear and then reappear in new circles. Opponents in one fight end up allies in another. And the once-president of Motorola Mobility joins the Board of Directors for retail rival TiVo.

Such is the case with Dan Moloney. Moloney rose up through General Instruments, and was part of the acquisition of GI by Motorola in 2000. He ran Motorola’s Connected Home business (known by a variety of names over the years), and, after a brief stint as CEO of Technitrol in 2010, took on the role of President at Motorola Mobility when the original Motorola split in two. He left again in 2012 when Google took over, and has largely been off the radar for the last year.

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TiVo Roamio, One Month Later

Dave Zatz —  September 26, 2013 — 25 Comments


After launching about a month ago to overwhelmingly positive reviews and to what we’re hearing are impressive sales, given limited (and bizarre) advertising to this point, TiVo Roamio out-of-home streaming is on track for an October launch – which is when TiVo intends to light up significant marketing, ideally timed for the critically important holiday shopping season, as we had assumed. Of course, TiVo will face some challenges given only 2 of the 3 Roamio DVRs actually “roam” (on their own) and Android support is now slated for early 2014.

As is to be expected from a significant new platform, there have been some technical glitches — the most notable being related to CableCARD tuning and network issues in relation to “green” routers. But TiVo has rapidly been squashing bugs: a Netflix crasher was resolved last week, Xfinity on Demand V301 communication issues were corrected last night, with better CableCARD and router support are expected in maybe two weeks.

For folks dissatisfied with stock DVR recording capacities Continue Reading…


I was absolutely delighted when Netflix (finally) hit my TiVo Mini. Yet others weren’t quite as enthusiastic… as outputting video at 1080p/24 not only brought down the Netflix app, it also rebooted the Mini. Ouch.

Fortunately, TiVo responded in short order and has deployed an OS update to both the newly released Roamio DVRs and the Mini:

Two important fixes in this release:

  • reboots related to Netflix with 1080p
  • reboots related to Pandora

In other TiVo update news… CEO Tom Rogers indicated that they company is still on track for out-of-home Roamio Plus and Pro video streaming to Apple mobile devices come October: Continue Reading…


Netflix was just enabled on about 40,000 Virgin Media TiVo boxes housed in Peterborough, Crawley, Andover, Londonderry and Swindon (UK) as a pilot – with all 1.7 million deployed units expected to receive the app later this year. Beyond enhancing the experience for Virgin/TiVo customers, this deal is also notable as the first time Netflix has been offered via a pay television provider. And TiVo CEO Tom Rogers referred to the licensing complexity yesterday from a Merrill Lynch conference:

We enabled Netflix, as I said, through our retail device but because of the peculiarity of the over-the-top studio agreements, Netflix couldn’t be offered to a cable owned set-top box and still can’t be. I personally believe that’s going to be solved [...] Virgin Media, because you have a different rights situation over there, Netflix could offer itself through a cable operator owned set-top box.

Related, RCN has stated publicly they’d like to bring Netflix to their US cable customers and were “eager to reopen the dialogue” back when Netflix’s STARZ agreement had expired… yet we haven’t heard anything more on the matter. Continue Reading…

We have a love-hate relationship with the CableCARD. -Tom Rogers, TiVo CEO


Life beyond the lawsuit… we’re beginning to get a clearer picture of TiVo’s long term intentions and they appear quite focused on delivering advanced television software and services on whatever platform potential operator partners have in mind. And, with an emphasis on the European market, TiVo is promoting a new Network PVR solution and IPTV integration from IBC. Europe, via Virgin Media, already represents about 50% of installed TiVo units and may grow at a faster rate given new initiatives underway and this Continental lingo, including “PVR” and “catchup” TV. Beyond a greater willingness from overseas Tier 1 providers to play ball, TiVo also recognizes some cost savings with foreign deployments. From CEO Tom Rogers at their quarterly call:

With our international deployments, all of that infrastructure is hosted by the operator and, therefore, our direct cost of service tends to be significantly lower than it does here in the U.S.

We previously caught an ActiveVideo demo of a cloud-based TiVo experience running via Roku (!), yet it’s looks like this IBC iteration of the TiVo nPVR runs on a Harmonic back-end infrastructure, piped through through Entone Kamai 500 and Cubiware/Evolution Digital set-top boxes.

The most interesting tidbit from TiVo’s recent announcements are the potential social features (which may or may not make it to US retail Roamio customers): Continue Reading…