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Never enough time…

  • LG scraps plans for dual Blu-ray/HD-DVD player. (CE Pro)
  • An incomplete overview of online television guides. (TechCrunch)
  • AOL expands online video offerings, will offer Viacom content. (eWeek)
  • Walmart may have HD-DVD player for $350, though mine doesn’t. (HDBeat)

Never enough time…

  • Multistream CableCARDs (CC 1.0+ aka M-Card) expected soon. (HD Beat)
  • Better Business Bureau rates TiVo as “unsatisfactory.” (TV Predictions)
  • Samsung’s Blu-ray player comes factory-misconfigured. (Engadget)
  • NBC new season preview DVD available to Netflix subscribers. (Hacking Netflix)
  • UPnP specs updated. (eHomeUpgrade)

TiVo has notified both the FCC and cable operators that CableCARD compliant HD Series3 units are currently being tested and should be released to retail… soon!

Letter says: The TiVo Series3 HD DVR product supports up to two CableCARD decoders. This product acts as two independent single stream UDCP CableCARD hosts within one set top box. It can also be configured to operate as a single CableCARD device.

This product is currently being tested by a small number of consumers in cable markets across the country, and will be generally available in retail stores soon. Thus, we wanted to ensure that you are aware of this product in time to make any necessary preparations to support customers who request two CableCARD decoders for their TiVo Series3 HD DVR.

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Never enough time…

  • Place shifting companies must license content in the UK? (eHomeUpgrade)
  • UK to outlaw power standby for electronic devices. (Gizmodo)
  • MobiTV lands $70 million investment, plans geographic and technological expansion. (GigaOM)
  • HD-DVD consortium to spend $150 million on advertising. (HDBlog)

Never enough time…

  • DirecTV HD TiVo getting upgraded to 6.3! (HDBeat)
  • Optical component reads Blu-ray and HD-DVD. (EETimes)
  • Court rules against “film sanitizing.” (AP)
  • Audio interview with Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Fred von Lohmann. (eHomeUpgrade)

Never enough time…

  • Five-second ads try to counter TiVo. (USA Today)
  • Hi-Def codec face-off: WMV-HD vs. DivX-HD. (eHomeUpgrade)
  • Vista Media Center features won’t require NTSC tuner. (jkOnTheRun)
  • Real Rhapsody on Squeezebox. (Engadget)

Never enough time… back in America!

  • Cable industry and partners want to bury CableCARD. (PVRBlog)
  • TiVo opens system software/bugfix 7.3.1 priority list. (Megazone)
  • Slingbox on sale for $149 at CompUSA and BestBuy. (jkOnTheRun)
  • HDTV picture quality issues and how to fix them. (Popular Mechanics)
  • Archos plans WiFi-enabled PMPs. (Engadget)