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Garmin Unveils HD Dash Cam

Dave Zatz —  January 7, 2014 — 12 Comments

Industry analyst Ross Rubin knows of my interest in dash cams and turned me onto Garmin’s CES news, as the GPS manufacturer enter this space with two models — the Dash Cam 10 and 20. They run $220 and $250, respectively, and will ship by the end of the month with the only difference being the higher end unit incorporates GPS. Like most current dashboard-mounted video cameras, these units record 1080p video in a loop and ship with a microSD chip for storage – 4GB is provided but cards up to 32GB will be supported. Beyond video, Gamin also includes a 2.3″ display… something that’s pretty critical for proper alignment and sorely missed on my Blackvue.

I’m not quite sure why this product category hasn’t been exploited or taken off in the US, the way it has in other regions. For example, my Blackvue is a grey market import from Korea (with SquareTrade warranty, thank you). But I do believe there’s a market for dash cams here. And this product will surely go onto my post-CES gadget acquisition list. Stay tuned.


Vizio was one of the first and perhaps largest manufacturer to take on the Yahoo Internet TV platform. And early iterations could be a bit painful. Fast forward a few years, never minding that brief flirtation with Google TV, and we find ourselves a visually rich, customizable, and robust “VIA+” experience based on Yahoo Connected TV 6.5 and bolstered by the Opera SDK for HTML 5 apps, like Netflix. Continue Reading…


Even though I’ve yet to wrap up my Kevo Smartlock review, Kwikset has gone ahead and revealed phase two of their Unikey-powered connected home strategy. There’s a variety of ways to slice and dice these smart components, and Kevo only ships with Bluetooth capabilities – unlike some of their competitors, who integrate WiFi. To extend Kevo’s capabilities beyond smartphone control near a door, the companies will be launching a Bluetooth Enabled Gateway this summer. The Gateway communicates with a Kevo lock, and by tethering it to your router, extends smartlock coverage — check and control the status of your lock, via iPhone, at the door (as currently implemented), from the bedroom, or even while on the road. Stay tuned, as we hope to provide more comprehensive coverage of the Kevo solution later this month.

netgear-facebook-router A clever new Netgear router feature caught my eye this morning from CES. Tailored to small businesses, Facebook Wi-Fi enables that local cafe or bead shop to offer free wireless… in exchange for a Facebook check-in. Win-win? From the press blast:

NETGEAR is making the Facebook Wi-Fi login available on its premium line of next-generation wireless routers supporting dual-band 802.11ac wireless, the world’s fastest WiFi (like the AC1750/R6300, as Photoshopped to the left).

Parrot Jumping Sumo

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Via CNXSoft we’ve learned a new Popcorn Hour A-410 networked media jukebox is now available for pre-order at $260. It’s been a several years since I’ve personally heard from from Syabas, when they attempted to take a run at the Rokus of the world with Popbox – a simple media streamer with fresh UI. Unfortunately, they failed to set the world afire and clearly gave up on Popbox company branding, as they now go by Cloud Media. Continue Reading…


After breaking news that TiVo’s co-founders have reunited to develope another (mini) set-top, it appears that the company rebrand has accelerated… as Invisioneer transforms into Qplay right before our eyes (and clearly without a private staging website). Our initial assumptions, based on limited site text and LinkedIn profiles, appears spot on. From Qplay’s new description:

For most people, playing [Internet video] on your tablet can be a chore and getting it to your TV is next to impossible. Qplay will harness the power of the Internet to give consumers new ways to discover, play and share video content. Continue Reading…