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While most of the world is talking about Vudu’s new higher definition HDX content (which I haven’t tested) today, what got my attention is the $200 movie credit being run in conjunction with Best Buy’s nationwide rollout. Purchase a $295 Vudu box via or a brick & mortar location by the end of the year and receive $200 of content. While their HD library has lagged the competition in the past, the Vudu box provides a superior movie experience over a Xbox 360 or AppleTV. If you can consume $200 worth of content in four months, $95 for Vudu is an excellent deal. Two possible gotchas:

  • Movie Credit may not be applied towards any content on the AVN Adult Channel.

If you’ve been waiting for prices to come down on Blu-ray, you might want to check out the Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray player. It’s a solid performer for a less-expensive model and comes from the company behind the BRD specification. If you’re still unsure, check out Ben Drawbaugh’s EngadgetHD review. And don’t forget that Sony’s been upgrading the firmware to keep it up to date  – details found in the first review listed on Amazon.

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In honor of Elephant Day (memory!) and SanDisk’s SlotMusic announcement, we’re giving away a new 8GB microSDHC card with USB adapter (MSRP $60). According to SanDisk:

SanDisk® introduces SanDisk® Mobile Ultra™ memory cards supporting fast data transfer speeds provide mobile phone enthusiasts a complete high-performance solution for better management of large numbers of songs, videos, photos, and game files exchanged between the card and PC.

Unlike my prior generation SanDisk microSD card with full-size SD adapter, I dig the more practical native USB chasis included with this model. So, if you’ve got a phone in need of multimedia, just leave a comment saying you want in on this giveaway. One lucky US resident will be randomly selected as the winner in the next day or so.

The Constitution Day TiVo Giveaway

Dave Zatz —  September 17, 2008

In honor of Constitution Day, we’re giving away a few goodies that I picked up prior to TiVo killing their referral program. The prize package, valued at one million dollars, consists of:

Entering the giveaway is simple. Register for a comment avatar (Gravatar) if you don’t already have one and then leave a comment. One lucky US resident will be randomly selected in the next day or so.

Woot’s offering the TiVo HD (refurb) for a low $165, shipped. Like all Woot deals, you’ll need to act fast. As in today. And before they sell out. I believe this is the lowest we’ve seen THD and it’s a great price to get in on. With the money you save, I suggest picking up the very nice TiVo Glo remote to replace the traditional TiVo controller – unless you’re using a Harmony or similar.

(via Gizmo Lovers)

I just swung by a local Best Buy and noticed their TiVo HD units listed for $225. While I’ve seen refurbs as low as $185, I’ve not personally seen retail prices much lower than $250ish… (Though, there’ve been reports of Costco pushing the THD for $219.) Not sure if this is an unadvertised special, specific to open-box units, or a mistake. But if legit, it’s a good deal on a new TiVo.

While we didn’t leave the Sprint/Samsung CTIA press event with an Instinct, attendees were treated to a complimentary Samsung SBH500 Stereo Bluetooth headset ($80). I’ve tried them with Mac for Skype calls and listening to iTunes, though they’ll also work with a variety of phones. The SBH500 is a whole heck of a lot better than the last pair I spent any real time with: Attractive, solid build quality, easy pairing, good sound, mostly static free. However, I do find the headphones somewhat uncomfortable – they’re a bit too tight. Check out the unboxing pics below and enter to win this unit.

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