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Ready to sell some TiVos? Good, because TiVo is ready for you. A few weeks ago I covered this advertising scheme, so I won’t bother repeating myself.


Wow, Fox content is popping up everywhere (TitanTV, Yahoo, AOL, IGN). This morning my mom got an email linked to an Amazon “Fox Fall TV Sneak Peek” page of numerous series video clips.

UPDATE: Looks like Fox is advertising on 50 (!) sites. Wonder how much a video campaign of this magnitude costs…

(Thanks Mom!)

Never enough time…

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The TiVo Ministry pitched KidZone to clergy in Dallas and Atlanta this week while picking up the National Association of Evangelicals Seal of Approval. TiVo plans to visit other religious leaders later this month at the Islamic Center, Wiccan Church, and Temple Shalom.* Also this week, TiVo deployed on-box advertising to get the KZ word out. I still don’t have any use for this feature, but I imagine there are parents of varying political and religious leanings who will put it to use (and many who won’t bother).

Washington Post says: TiVo officials discussed its KidZone feature during a breakfast with religious leaders and handed out digital video recorders to ministers and others to try it out. “We know that kids are going to be exposed to the media, so why don’t we take the media on our own terms?” TiVo Inc. Vice President Joe Miller told the group of about 50. A similar gathering was held earlier this week in Atlanta.

*To the best of my knowledge that is a joke. ;)


We’ve seen television content start to pop up all over the interwebs (some free and some pay) the last few months. Now HD aficionado web program guide TitanTV has got into the action by providing free Fox content. Since they’ll only be showing the first three episodes of Prison Break and Vanished, I see this as a method of series advertising. Unlike other “free” content, these Fox shows do not contain commercials and you can fast forward or rewind at will… I’m not sure how long that will last, but it’s pretty nice especially if you take the content full screen to avoid banner ads. Fox has also started providing programming directly through their web site.

TitanTV says: “We are proud to provide TitanTV as a venue for FOX to showcase full episodes of their compelling new programs,” said President and CEO of Decisionmark Corp., Jack Perry. “The video content is a logical extension of TitanTV’s powerful listings guide. Consumers rely on TitanTV every day to find out what’s on TV — now they can actually access their favorite FOX network programs right from our program grid. It’s a great way for FOX to extend their reach and accessibility to their programs.”