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Need More Power!

Dave Zatz —  August 17, 2007 — 2 Comments


Not only did a I pick up a new car this week, I managed to rearrange and move a decent amount of my home gear. Among other changes and issues, I ran out of power outlets in the bedroom. I’ve (now) got two cable boxes, a TiVo, ITVN, Slingbox AV, Buffalo wireless bridge, and of course the television. While technically I do have enough outlets, three of the devices have those fat block power adapters which end up commandeering multiple outlets. And then I was reminded of Belkin’s clever power solutions over on Gizmodo. $24 and two days later (shipping), I’m completely operational.

Get Connected Giveaway

Dave Zatz —  August 2, 2007 — 30 Comments


I came away from the Monster blogger event with a few goodies. So Outlets to Go 6-port (I travel with the 3-port) and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest on Blu-ray are up for grabs. Leave one comment telling me which you could use, and in a day or so I’ll randomly pick the winners.


Prevent theft by hiding your iPod in a Zune? ;)


As you probably know, I work for Motorola – but until recently have had very little to do with the mobile devices side of the business. So it’s not shocking that when I traveled up to NYC last week for our press event in NYC, I was in store for some surprises.

Sascha Segan (gimpy from a broken toe, but witty as ever) has already covered the new IDEN phones, and I only have one minor point to add. Don’t knock the rubberized phone backing until you try it. Love the grip.

moto-music-streaming.JPGOn the other hand, nobody has made much comment about the slew of Bluetooth accessories on display. When I say slew, I mean they almost equaled mobile phones in their proliferation. And, while the Bluetooth devices are first and foremost designed for wireless communication, their expanding functionality is quite interesting. Check out this little gadget to the right for streaming music from a PC, DAP or mobile phone to your mobile phone headphones. (It’s the piece moto-bluetooth-earphones.JPGplugged in to the bottom of the iPod -yes Motorola had an iPod on display) Sure, lots of devices do this kind of thing, but I love the idea of packaging this with your phone. Your earbuds theoretically go anywhere your phone does (i.e. everywhere), and if you take along the tiny little plug-in gadget, you can stream music wirelessly from virtually any device.

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Tendon Cable Giveaway

Dave Zatz —  July 28, 2007


Tendon USA, an economical online computer & AV cable distributor, sent me a few samples to evaluate. However, I’m giving them away and leaving the evaluation to you. Both cables are 4 meters – we’ve got HDMI<->HDMI and DVI<->HDMI. Leave one comment telling me which cable you could use, and when I get around to it I’ll randomly pick the winners.

Tendon tells me every cable they sell is tested 3 times (at various points in the manufacturing process) and 100% guaranteed. They’re currently running a deal on 1m HDMI cables: $5 for one, $4/ea for multiple.