TiVo Premiere To Receive Updated Netflix App

Dave Zatz —  December 9, 2013 — 11 Comments

We were quite surprised when the big, Fall Update hit TiVo Premiere units without without an updated Netflix app… as we had solid intel indicating a HTML5 redesign was underway. We suppose Netflix’s broader TV UI refresh and technical issues may have something to do with the delay. But, given TiVo VP Margret Schmidt’s tweet (shown above), it looks like we’re mere days or weeks away from software version 20.3.8 that includes a Netflix app on par with the experience currently available on TiVo Roamio and Mini hardware. In addition to DIAL capabilities and a quicker, modernized interface, we’re also hoping this iteration of Netflix doesn’t lock up and/or crash the app or DVR as the current one does. Guess we’ll find out shortly!

(Thanks Dan!)

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11 responses to TiVo Premiere To Receive Updated Netflix App

  1. But I don’t want more Netflix; I want Amazon Prime!

  2. And HBO Go also….

  3. HBOGo is probably an unreasonable goal for us, although I’d take it… a real Amazon Instant experience is more likely and also desirable. All we have is that one accidentally published app icon to the Mini that indicates something may be in the works. With CES coming, TiVo will probably want a few little announcements… Android streaming seems to be a lock and Amazon would be a nice one, too – assuming there’s something to say.

  4. Ah! The poor Premiere. TiVo could find no reason to finish the product, until AFTER the product was “finished”.

  5. Well, right now Amazon Instant just isn’t on my radar. Yup, I’m aware they’ve got some movies and TV shows, but since we don’t have access to it via my TV’s (Samsung), TiVo Premiere, Apple TV, or ChromeCast I simply ignore it. If TiVo or ChromeCast gets support I’ll probably look at it once in a while. Until then its dead to me, which is something Amazon should consider rather than wasting all its money advertising that John Goodman show…

  6. Well it looks like we got DIAL support in Youtube as well. (or maybe that is old news)
    Works pretty well, only seemed to hang once… not sure if that was on the android or TiVo though… Didn’t need a reboot or anything just had to restart the apps.

  7. Nice to see Tivo hasn’t forgotten completely about the Premiere. I have to say though I’m satisfied with my Premiere, the unfinished nature of the software has made me question whether I will ever upgrade my Tivo again. At this point, there is little chance I would upgrade unless my current one dies.

  8. @Glenn “but since we don’t have access to it via my TV’s (Samsung), TiVo Premiere, Apple TV, or ChromeCast I simply ignore it” – You know you can use AirPlay to view Amazon Instant videos on your Apple TV

  9. kickboy, the updated YouTube with DIAL was part of the original Fall Update.

  10. ….still holding my breath from last time… / I’ll believe it when I see it ….

    As far as I’m concerned, I get more pissed at Tivo every time I have to explain AGAIN to my wife or Son how to switch the TV to the other HDMI port and change the HDMI switch to the Roku every time they want to watch a movie.. This has been a long standing promise from Tivo, and it seems to me it used to work on my Premier..

  11. TiVo treated loyal customers of theirs poorly when they released the Premiere. They could’ve sold more Roamio TiVos if they hadn’t unloaded that pos on their customers and one would like to think they learned a lesson. But more and more it just seems like the TiVo of yesteryear is gone forever. Poor software, poor execution, poor management. Too bad really. And they’re partnering with a company that also doesn’t seem to be doing very well either (Netflix).

    Amazon and Apple (and possibly Google) are going to drive these guys into the ground. I hope not but there is nothing in the TiVo experience anymore that gives me any confidence they know how to deliver a great customer experience.

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