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Dave Zatz —  December 5, 2013 — 7 Comments


As anticipated, Roku recently began exerting control over their home screen, post UI refresh, with initial updates consisting of massive banner ads (boo) and a video store (yay)… via M-Go. A joint venture of DreamWorks and Technicolor, M-Go offers video rentals and purchases on a variety of platforms – similar to an Amazon Instant or iTunes (but including UltraViolet linkage). And, as M-Go attempts to grow their userbase, both new and existing Roku owners are entitled to 2 free HD movie rentals. To partake, all you gotta do is register a new account here┬áprior to 12/31.

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7 responses to Get Your Free Movies On Roku

  1. The free flicks can be enjoyed via any M-Go client, but Roku’s prominent placement easily moves them to the front of the line in terms of audience exposure/penetration – and that’s how I learned of the promo.

  2. Astonishingly, you can turn off the Movies, TV Shows, and News home menu items in the settings.

    VERY impressed that Roku allows this.

  3. Ah, nice – I just hid AOL’s version of “the news”

  4. Can you imagine TiVo or certainly Time Warner or Comcast allowing us to disable paid placements? Not in a million years. It would never cross their minds.

    I have all these warm fuzzy feelings towards Roku now.

  5. Hmm, it crashes chrome when I try to access it (just the tab). It did let me sign up and crashed on the uv link. It does not work on ie, but does not crash. Ie gives strange “Do you want to open or save blah from Maybe it was making adblock gag in chrome?

  6. “Roku recently began exerting control over their home screen, post UI refresh, with initial updates consisting of … a video store (yay)”

    I’ll vote against “yay”.

    Roku’s service-agnostic approach is the whole strength of the box, to my mind. Everything else being equal, I’d prefer a service-agnostic Roku box to an Amazon box precisely because of that factor.

    Moves that seem to foreshadow a turning against that philosophy seem worrisome to me. (I’m less bothered by massive banner ads at the top screen. Easy to ignore.)

  7. Greg, I registered like two weeks ago – think I was using Chrome on a Mac when I did it without issue. Not that it helps you, but another point of reference.

    Rodalpho, I think TiVo has a way to deselect certain online services. But still don’t know why they felt the need to stick them in the bottom of our list of DVR-ed recordings.

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