Channel Master CM-7500 OTA DVR Nears Release?

Dave Zatz —  December 8, 2013 — 7 Comments


Originally scoped out last summer via FCC docs, it seems safe to assume that the Echostar-produced Channel Master OTA DVR nears release given web store references uncovered by AVS Forum members.

While the July government filing referred to a pair of units, at this point we only see reference to a single fee-free $250 dual-tuning model – alternately referred to as the CM-7500 and DVR+… that may require external storage for DVR capabilities given the 500GB ($70), 1TB ($95) & 3TB ($125) Seagate hard drive accessories (in addition to a $40 wireless option). Sadly, the product page (which has been pulled), didn’t include glamour shots or detail on which over-the-top Internet services might be included.

We remain convinced that there is, or will be, a healthy market for cord cutters interested in advanced television capabilities. And TiVo’s service fees have been a deterrent. Will Channel Master’s Echostar hardware be the one that gets it done?

(ThanksĀ wiscojim!)

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7 responses to Channel Master CM-7500 OTA DVR Nears Release?

  1. Sadly, wiscojim’s order was cancelled by Channel Master… so we’re not quite there.

  2. I would say that if this works well and ships at the price points shown it would be a good OTA option for those who have more than one TV or only need 2 tuners. I have a TiVo Roamio and for me the Roamio with lifetime makes more sense as I only have one TV and need 4 Tuners.

    Really hope this one works well as competition is a good thing and TiVo needs more. With this entry OTA users will several solid choices (Cannel Master, Simple TV, TiVo, & HTPCs) for a DVR setup.

  3. Its interesting that Sling can offer EPG services at no-reoccurring cost, but no one else can get a business model together to do the same. It simply quite amazing they don’t charge a monthly service fee to keep your Slingbox discoverable on the web. Their “services” maybe be low overhead, but there’s still costs in operation and maintenance. Maybe Channel Master will piggy back off the same EPG services to do the same. However, at this point, it appears they’re going to miss the Christmas market..

  4. Not much of a deal now that the base Roamio has dropped to $150 (amazon).

    Add $400 for PLS (easy to find a $100 discount code) and you get 4 tuners, plus many OTT apps, plus a much better program guide.

    And a 3TB internal hard drive upgrade is as low as $100 if 500GB isn’t enough.

  5. So around $350 without the external 3TB drive. My TiVo Roamio Basic was $175. And they transferred my $6.95 a month plan to it. It would still take over 25 months for me to equal that cost. Plus I can still replace my internal 500GB drive with a larger one if I wanted. Although I plan to keep using the original drive. My Roamio Basic I have with OTA is only a secondary box to my Roamio Pro on FiOS. I mainly use the Roamio Basic to take with me to my GFs house for us to watch content.

  6. $499.99 for lifetime plus another $150 for the unit is pretty pricey. You could get a pair of these for that price. We chose DTVPal’s over Tivo, Simple.TV DVRs over Tivo, and will choose this over Tivo.

    Mostly, though the fact that the Tivo has to call home to function kills the deal. For someone without internet, this is particularly unattractive as you have to have a nearby phone jack.

    Can’t wait to unbox one of these.

  7. I’m so glad I’ve discovered this at a point in time when I’m forced to make a new purchase of a DVR for OTA use and I really NEED the guide function. My CM7000 bit the dust after a few months of use, but we learned the joy of using it while it still worked despite the “updating” during the viewing of a favorite show and a host of other problems. Maybe the new replacement will be the answer. I can only hope so.

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