NBC Launches Interactive Ads on DISH Network

Dave Zatz —  May 21, 2008 — 3 Comments

Similar to TiVo’s “Thumbs Up” advertising, DISH Network customers will shortly be presented with interactive ads from NBC. However, instead of DISH driving advertising sales it appears that the network will leverage their existing advertisers to broker deals and/or as a means of driving traffic to their own TV properties. From the press release:

NBC Universal [14 networks] will offer the ability to purchase advertisements with interactive trigger capabilities as a way to enhance their campaigns on NBC broadcasts delivered through DISH Network’s satellite service. The interactive triggers allow viewers to select an icon displayed during a commercial that will take them to a page to obtain more information about the advertiser. When finished, viewers are returned to their programming at the exact place they exited. The advertiser information page may contain details about a product, service or more. NBC will also be able to provide advertisers with detailed reports about viewer participation with DISH Network’s interactive products

Disclosure: I’m employed by Sling Media, a wholly owned subsidiary of EchoStar, which is a DISH Network hardware and service provider. I’m also a frequent Starbucks customer and Last100 reader. No animals were harmed in the writing of this post. I give thanks to Al Gore for blessing us with his bountiful series of tubes.

3 responses to NBC Launches Interactive Ads on DISH Network

  1. Dish had me yank the incorrect screengrabs. Hopefully we’ll get some better ones in tomorrow.

  2. Jeffrey Welch May 28, 2008 at 3:05 am

    Do you know when the 722s will be released? I just signed up for Dish because of Sling. Love the product. Thanks.


  3. I’d like to interactively kick Charlie Ergen (CEO of Dish Network) in the nuts for his role in the DtvPal fiasco.

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