TiVo’s New Radio Advertisement and Slogan

Dave Zatz —  November 16, 2006 — 6 Comments


“It’s not TiVo, unless it’s a TiVo.”

Click the play button above.

6 responses to TiVo’s New Radio Advertisement and Slogan

  1. Great ad, but it makes me want to buy a Free Willy DVD. ;)

  2. I made at least three “runs for the border” today. Seriously, when I heard the Free Willy thing my immediate thought was: Do they need permission from Warner Bros?

  3. “TiVo is now free for a very limited time.” ??????

    Free TiVo (box) is a major theme in their sales strategy.

  4. The single NTSC tuner S2 has a limited lifetime, the “free box” sales angle may not.

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