Slinging Scoreboard to Scoreboard

Dave Zatz —  October 17, 2006 — 1 Comment

Last weekend, Washington State U streamed the live football video footage and audio commentary to U Cal, Berkeley’s Jumbotron using a Slingbox. CEO Blake Krikorian shot some video at Cal’s stadium, where about 3,000 fans showed up to watch. Not only is this a cool demo of Sling’s technology, but it’s interesting in the sense that they bypassed the television network infrastructure to broadcast content one->many — YouSlingTube anyone?

UPDATE: Ask and ye’ shall receive… Though they’re busy announcing Symbian support in London, the Sling folks found time to get me a few pics from the game. I’m still trying to track down a picture of the setup in the WSU booth.


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One response to Slinging Scoreboard to Scoreboard

  1. The 640×480 stream looks pretty good accounting for all the loss between BK’s video camera and YouTube compression.

    Berk’s screen is 4×3, presumably SD.

    How about an HD Singbox for $10,000 next year to stream dozens of NCAA games to targeted audiences (ie. Alum, Students, Faculty, Staff…)?

    Throw some software in for conditional access, and away you go. :)

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