TiVo 7.2.1 Dissected, With Pics

Dave Zatz —  October 29, 2005 — 2 Comments

TiVo 7-2-1Here’s a little more info and picture pr0n covering TiVo’s last Series 2 software release of 2005.

New Feature
The year concludes with a long overdue capability…

  • Overlap Protection

Notable Bug Fix
This doesn’t impact a whole lot of TiVo owners, though it’s a welcome correction.

  • Restored serial control of DirecTV HD receivers

Minor Enhancements
These are subtle changes which may or may not be apparent… they keyword is minor.

  • Wireless Stability & Performance
  • User Interface Performance

I assume there are the typical bug fixes and tweaks under the hood, and perhaps some unrevealed enhancements preparing for future TiVo services and HME-style applications as well. One can also hope that, despite the death of the Netflix deal, the technology has been put in place to provide VOD services via new partners.

TiVo 7-2-1

TiVo 7-2-1

TiVo 7-2-1

TiVo 7-2-1

TiVo 7-2-1

TiVo is the only DVR that streams Netflix

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2 responses to TiVo 7.2.1 Dissected, With Pics

  1. Hopefully this fixes that pesky wireless bug. I haven’t been able to use HMO features for two months. I used to be Tivo’s biggest fan, but now I’m eagerly awaiting Netgear’s “DAVE” media center and DirecTV’s new PVR so I can dump my Tivo.


  2. When is this going to be available to all of us. I just purchased a new TiVo, and my software version is 7.1 I believe. Just foreced a connect, and no software update.

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